Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Beautystand Gingham & The Parent Trap

I've done a post before about my love of gingham and clearly I'm obsessed because I'm doing another one again. This is my gingham shirt collection from this summer. I just love how it makes me feel when I see gingham. It's the same feeling my Treat products give me. Both make me think of summer when I was a little girl. Carnivals, cotton candy,  ice cream and long hot days at the lake swimming and laying in the sun.

I just ordered my favorite movie from when I was a little girl, The Parent Trap that I talked about in this post. It's so funny because I think this movie started my love of gingham and what do you know Hayley Mills is even wearing it on the cover. That's why I love gingham so much, it's timeless and still as adorable in 2012 as it was in 1965.

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