Monday, August 20, 2012

The Beautystand All Natural Deodorant

Once I discovered natural beauty products I was hooked. That was why I started my line Treat Beauty. I fell in love with natural and organic ingredients and couldn't imagine using anything else on my skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs everything we put on it so it's important to use products with ingredients that are safe and natural. 

Deodorant is an area I have compromised and always used chemical instead of natural. When I heard about this Crystal deodorant I didn't think it would really work but I have been surprised and delighted because it works better than my Clinical Strength Secret. I have been using it for the last week which was the hottest week of the year in Oregon and it has worked great. It's made with only 2 ingredients, natural mineral salts and ammonium alum and best of all it's endorsed by Cancer Treatment Centers. 

My father was always interested in natural ingredients and every time I use this deodorant it makes me smile and think of him. He was the wise one because I remember the rock deodorant he kept by the sink. It wasn't in a package but he swore it worked, I never believed him but I do now. 

I'm officially throwing away my Secret. 

Happy Monday! 


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