Friday, April 5, 2013

Hot Pink | The Beautystand

Shoes Reebok, Shirt DKNY, Shorts Levis, Purse Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch, CC Skye Bolt Bracelet from our store, Burberry Watch, Indiana Jones Safari Hat from Beautystand, Treat Peaches & Cream Lip Balm

The other day Mandi was feeling down from boyfriend troubles so we decided to go for some mani-pedis and retail therapy. It was the last sunny day before rain returned to Portland so we walked to soak it in. I'm wearing my new Reebok tennis shoes and my favorite hat from our store Beautystand. Comfy shoes and a good hat are musts for long walks in the sunshine. What do you like to do when you're down?

It's about 3 miles to the mall and back from my house so I always wear comfortable shoes

I never leave the house without a hat because I am very careful about protecting my skin from the sun. I look for hats with UPF protection like this one from our store Beautystand. This hat has a UPF of 50+ the highest rating given to a headwear product. 

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