Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Beautystand Comfortable Jeans

Joes Jeans Leslie, Calvin Klein Shoes, Purse from 6pm.com, Shirt Iris Basic, Watch Burberry, Bracelets Cartier, CC Skye and Friedlanders, Necklace See Jewelry Online, Treat Grape Cheek Stain, Treat Cotton Candy Lip Creme

I'm a dress girl. I just love wearing dresses because to me they look great and are the most comfortable thing besides sweat pants. I love how jeans look on everyone else but every time I put on a pair they're just so uncomfortable. I feel claustrophobic and immediately have to take them off. Last year while in NYC for Treat & The Beauty Pill beauty editor meetings I had to buy some jeans at H&M because it was so cold and I had only packed dresses. They are so comfortable I want to sleep in them and they changed my mind about jeans. Ever since then I am always looking for jeans that are as comfortable as my favorite H&M pair. I recently bought this pair of Joes Jeans and had to share them with you because the are just so comfortable. No more stretch pants for me! Well maybe sometimes. 

Eddie Bauer Jeans, Missoni Shirt, Purse Hobo, Bracelet Cartier, Shoes Michael Kors,  
Treat Raspberry Cheek Stain
Mandi is wearing Treat Raspberry Lip & Cheek Stain to match her raspberry fingernail polish

Want to see these jeans in action? Here's a new video from our YouTube channel The Beautystand. Enjoy!

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