Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Hour | The Beautystand

Coat Columbia, Purse Tory Burch, Shirt is from the boys department at Ross, Leggings Target, Boots Born, Treat Coconut Cream Jumbo Lip Balm 

Mandi took these pics while we were on our way to get some happy hour food. I wasn't wearing any makeup except my Treat Coconut Cream Jumbo Lip Balm. Luckily I had sunglasses in my purse. 

When it's cold outside the best way to soothe dry chapped lips is with a really good lip balm. Of course I'm biased because I made it but I am especially loving my Treat Coconut Cream Jumbo Lip Balm right now. I've been slathering it on constantly to keep my lips soft and smooth. 

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